Rain- Rob Bell

Ever go through a stormy time in your life? A time when you felt lost, scared, confused & alone? Many people later say, “If God cares about me, why did He put me through something like that?” This statement implies that God Himself put you into that horrible situation. No, He didn’t. We live on planet earth. BAD THINGS HAPPEN! This world is a sin sick place… and it isn’t that God “puts” you through things, it is about His promise that He is ALWAYS there when they happen. Those are the times when He wants to hold you close and say, “Don’t worry, hold on to me… I’ll carry you through.” Then it is how we react in that moment that determines the outcome of our storm.


The “Will” Muscle

It’s 5:30am.

The alarm is going off… 

This is the part where I get up and have my devotions, then it is time for the daily 5K. 

Am I going to do it?

Yes, I am. Why? Because as I’ve stated before, self will is a “muscle” that has to be exercised or you won’t have any control over it. If you’ve never lifted weights before in your life, you’ll have a hard time with that 200 lb dumbell when you go  to show off in front of that attractive human using the bench press. It  takes time, and it takes practice… but it is possible. You start out small, lifting the 25 lb, 40 lb, etc. Soon enough you are hefting like a heavy weight champion! The will is no different. Seriously. Start out small. If you give yourself a huge goal, and don’t reach it immediately, you become discouraged right then! Set yourself small goals, once you reach them, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel! Tell yourself something simple such as, “I’m not going to drink 6 sodas today. Instead I’ll substitute with 3 with some water.” Once you’ve reached your goal for the day, keep it up for a week. After you’ve acheived this goal for a few days in a row, give it a boost. Up your goal. It will be easier to reach now that you’ve done something smaller before. As time goes on, you’ll be able to use your own self will do do things you would have never thought possibly. I’m not joking! Give it a try! If you had told me 4 months ago that I would be walking 3 miles every morning… I’d have laughed in your face. Guess what, I AM walking 3 miles. Sometimes I space it out throughout the day, sometimes I do it all in the morning. I didn’t START OUT with 3 miles though, I worked my way up to it. Eventually I’ll be walking 5 miles each day. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say I’ve NEVER skipped a day or two. That I’ve never woken up and fallen right back to sleep after turning off my alarm. Did I fail? No. Every time I get up and try again, I’ve already won.

Now, don’t get all up in arms thinking, “EVERY DAY?! That’s impossible! What about life?! What about sleeping, eating, and working? I don’t HAVE TIME to walk every day.” 

Yes… you do. You DO have time. You find time to check your Facebook account don’t you? You find time to call your girlfriend/boyfriend right? You find the time to take a nap, or read blogs.. (Ehh HEM!) You can find the time to walk. Sometimes it honestly just means prioritizing your day and possibly replacing something else with walking. Other times it is simply a matter of… *Drum roll here*…… getting up earlier!!!!! Yeah… sounds horrible I know, and it is at first. It really is hard and is something else you have to work at over time. Don’t set your alarm for 3am and pack your morning full of exercise if you are used to waking up at 7 and you generally stay up to late. That will cause you to fail at your goal and most likely give up soon there after. Slow progression people! It makes all things possible.

Would you like to know what else makes all things possible? Christ. The Bible says so! haha “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 Yeah, some of you may not believe in that stuff, and that’s alright. Others of you have just never really tried it. My theory is, what do you have to lose? If there is no God, nothing will happen right? But, with the possibility that there may be a God that not only cares about you and your goals, but loves you enough to help you reach them…. you have so much to gain! Either way, you lose nothing! 

So, what kind of new health goals can you implement in your upcoming week? Remember now, this isn’t like a New Year’s resolution… this is a goal that you know you can reach if you actually put forth a little effort. Give it a thought, what do you know needs changed? Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll answer them if I can, and if I can’t, I’ll find the answer for you. 

Just what is a Nelipot Perspective anyway?

Well, to be honest with you… I have no idea.

I’ll be finding out as I write out my thoughts, feelings, revelations, ideas, issues, pains, excitements, confusions, & dreams. There is a lot one can learn about themselves once they begin to write down these things.

Over the years, I’ve come to discover that as I write things out, they come out of my head and off of my chest. I have time to reason things out, think things through, and fully understand my own thoughts and feelings when I’m filling up space with letters. There have been MANY times that I have surprised myself with what comes out on the page. During a particularly low point in my life, I found myself telling everyone, “I’m ok…” when I really wasn’t. I’m sure there are many out there that have done the same thing. I truly thought I was ok! I knew I was sad, but I didn’t want to bother anyone else with my feelings. I finally started writing again and found out very quickly that I was SO not ok. Writing helped me to work it all out in my own mind. Putting down words is a great way of telling yourself the truth, if you allow it to be completely open with no mask on. 

So, some about me…

Recently I’ve made a very big lifestyle change, and I can’t say that I regret it one little bit! I’ve become a Vegan Vegetarian and am dedicating my life to the mission field. Crazy right? Well, perhaps not for some, but for most… that is quite the leap! Especially if you have ANY idea where I was before. It is comforting though, to look back to even just a year ago… and see how much I’ve changed in such a little time. The good Lord knows I am nowhere close to the person I was then. This lifestyle change wasn’t brought on by any weird sickness or new-found love for the lives of farm animals. I mean, I eat vegan, but I don’t live vegan. I wear leather, don’t cringe when I see animal fur decorating someones house etc. I simply looked at the facts and figured out that there are two kinds of life styles… the one that kills you, and the one that lengthens your life! I chose the latter, and have had an exciting time of learning new tastes, textures, cooking skills, and exercises of will power. Our self-will is like any muscle in our body, it has to be worked and exercised or it won’t be very effective right? Mine certainly wasn’t. I couldn’t say no to any food I wanted that tasted good, I didn’t say no to the relationships I knew were harmful for me, and I chose not to say no to drugs and alcohol… even after seeing the havoc it reeked in my life. After I stopped eating meat, I noticed I wasn’t having as many issues with anxiety and depression… but after I cut all animal products out completely (which was somewhat hard, seeing as I LOVE cheese and sour cream) I started losing mass weight (25lbs since Aug. 10th), stopped losing as much of my hair through shedding, cleared my skin up fairly quickly, had more energy, slept more soundly, and even got rid of most of my seasonal allergies! I wouldn’t go back for the world. I know I will still have trials and temptations, and I might eat a little cheese every now and then if someone serves it, but there is nothing in this world that can replace the feeling of being completely healthy! 

In this Medical Missionary program I’ve been attending for the last 2 months, I’ve learned how to reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, anxiety, etc through Personal Lifestyle Coaching. I can’t wait to find people who are interested in getting healthy and feeling great. Helping others to feel the best they’ve ever felt in their life is going to be so rewarding on so many levels. Especially since I’ll make sure they don’t have to go through it alone. Life is a journey we are all on. It’s large parts of trial and error, learning and understanding, practicing and implementing. I’m willing to help anyone reach their lifestyle goals, whether that is walking more, cooking more healthfully, brightening their outlook… or whatever they are interested in! Praise God for second chances! Might as well use them while we’ve got them!