Who Is This Girl?


My name is Tabitha. I’ll be the captain of this crazy ship. Follow me along on this journey of life! I truly do believe that life is a large mess of tangles. Good adventures, bad experiences… all these things make up who we are. I am a photographer. I follow a plant-based diet. I love to write. I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian… and am really loving it! Understanding the Bible truths and what that means in my personal life and experience with my Creator is an amazing adventure. 

The blogs about my thoughts, feelings, and life happenings can be found in “My Perspective”. That is where I’ll be updating on my life, adventures, ups & downs. Follow me through this journey of life!

My Beliefs: 

  • Photography is it’s own language
  • Toe socks are awesome
  • A Vegetarian/vegan lifestyle isn’t as hard as it seems
  • Writing is the perfect outlet
  • Family time is very important
  • God is in control
  • Reading is key to learning & understanding
  • Friends are family
  • Life DID come with an instruction manual… The Bible
  • Prayer works
  • The chicken didn’t willingly cross the road, he was forced
  • Not many people actually understand proper nutrition
  • Exercise isn’t my favorite, but the benefits afterwards are worth it
  • Josh Groban has a beautiful voice
  • There is always hope, and you’re NEVER too dirty for God to clean up
  • D.I.Y Crafts are where it’s at

My Quirks:

  • Coloring calms my mind and restores my focus
  • Quotes, quotes, and more quotes
  • Church is a big part of my life
  • Some might say I’m dog obsessed
  • Raised Rottweilers throughout my younger years
  • Don’t like onions or mushrooms or onions
  • Have never been interested in coffee
  • Don’t have much of a sweet tooth
  • Love to sing, but can’t play any instruments
  • Don’t like early morning work outs, even though they really set the day
  • Enjoy classical music
  • Favorite colors are royal purple, olive green, burned orange, & midnight black
  • Own a guitar, recorder, and harmonica… but as previously stated, can’t play any of them
  • Gypsy at heart
  • As a photographer… I love using Instagram. Check me out! Add me! tabithabrooke89

3 Comments on “Who Is This Girl?

  1. Tabby is great daughter, friend and person… She can bring a smile to your face just by intering the room… Love her with all my heart !

    Love Momma Lori

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