Working From Home, Without The SCAM!

Listen Up People!
(*Ahem*… Please…)

So I know a lot of you have been keeping tabs on my updates about working from home. (As well you should be… who doesn’t want to be able to spend more time with family and less time in a cubicle?)

After a lot of research and wading through scam sites… I FOUND IT!

It took some doing, but I found it!

It took some doing, but I found it!

I’ve finally found something that is going to help me create my own business!

You may have seen my posts about the new website I’ve created, Elephant Essentials, but how did I get there? Where did I start?

I found Wealthy Affiliate.




My face when I think about getting scammed while trying to make a living online! lol

My face when I think about getting scammed while trying to make a living online! lol

I have heard of SO many scam sites out there that promise you’ll make money, take your money, and laugh at you. I have been seriously TERRIFIED of running into one of those sites. So I’ve pretty much avoided ALL sites that promised to help you make money… Not even joking. Like… all of them. Completely avoided.

But after doing some thorough research, I was seeing almost NOTHING but GOOD REVIEWS about Wealthy Affiliate. Then, once I started their program (FOR FREE, by the way…) and was well on my way to having my own affiliate business started, I realized the amazing deal I was getting.

Check this out…
Wealthy Affiliate offers a completely free membership to start out with their program. With this free membership you get a FREE WEBSITE that they show you HOW to create, a thorough set of video training that takes you through a literal step by step process of earning money promoting something you are passionate about, access to tons of informational/training blogs by other users who have been there forever, and lots and lots of help and tips from the 1,000’s of members on the site.
They give you the option to become a Premium member later on, if you feel that it’s right for you. (For the first month of your FREE membership, you get the option to become a Premium member at a 59% discount on your first month as a Premium member. That’s pretty awesome…)

Like.. SUPER skeptical...

Like.. SUPER skeptical…

I’m not even going to lie.. I was SUPER skeptical about this whole thing in the beginning. I didn’t want to get taken for a ride. It just seems every time you hear anything about making money from home, its because someone got scammed or someone became a millionaire… how can it be both?! But I figured as long as it was free to check it out, I’d see what other members were saying about their experience.

Was anyone making money with this site? Were they happy with the help they received so far? What was the general feel of the atmosphere associated with Wealthy Affiliates?

So I asked, I researched, I Googled, I Binged, and I asked some MORE. I’m now a firm believer. These people are SO awesome. Wealthy Affiliate is like it’s own little Facebook for online business entrepreneurs. Seriously! There is constant dialog going on with the live chat, and everyone is so helpful. I haven’t received ONE negative comment after being there for a full month now. (THAT is one difference from Facebook, for sure…)
I got answers to those burning questions… I discovered that they ARE happy with Wealthy Affiliates. They ARE making money. (Though they don’t make any bones about the fact that you have to put in time and effort. It IS NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a school on how to start your own online business!) and the help you receive is off the charts awesome. The atmosphere is as stated previously, like a business world Facebook full of super helpful and kind individuals… all working toward the same goal of making a living without sacrificing their social/family/private life to do so.

You know me… I’m Tabitha. I’m a crazy gypsy girl that skips from one idea to the next when it comes to “what I want to be when I grow up”. (Have I grown up yet? Yikes…)
I would not “sell” you something I knew would hurt you. I am just so excited about this opportunity that I want EVERYONE to check it out and be a part of it!

I think they have a pretty fun logo to.

I think they have a pretty fun logo to.

So do it. Check it out! You don’t HAVE to become a premium member, or even sign up… if you don’t want to. But I really think that after you spend a few minutes considering the benefits that it offers… you’ll at least make an account a poke around for a little bit.

What could it hurt?

Go On… Click right >>> HERE <<< to check it out!
(You know you want to…)

Blessings all!

Until next time,



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